The Lakers’ scheme to recover Kyrie Irving… without a trade!

The Lakers have long made Kyrie Irving their top market target this summer, but have been unable to find a deal with Brooklyn. From then on, the Angelinos leaders would have prepared a plan to get their hands on him… without having to go through the Nets!

The soap opera held fans in suspense for several weeks, before leaving them hungry. Long linked to Kyrie Irving in the rumors, the Lakers were even considered the only possible base in the event of the departure of the star leader. It is however with the Nets that the latter should play the new season, which does not prevent a future arrival in Los Angeles.

How the Lakers are setting the stage for Kyrie Irving

As training camp nears, the Angelinos definitely seem to have given up on the trail to Kyrie. At least temporarily. Indeed, since Brooklyn is not showing itself to be a seller for the moment, they just have to play the clock and wait… next summer. Irving could then be accessible during free agency, which did not escape Rob Pelinka and his assistants according to Michael Scotto!

The “belief” within the league is that the Lakers are trying to keep as much salary room available as possible for next summer, with the goal of signing Kyrie Irving once he becomes a free agent. LA will “do their best” not to recover any long-term wages that expire beyond the season in any trade.

It would therefore only be a postponement for a meeting between Kyrie and LeBron James in the City of Angels. Instead of dropping too big a package now, the Lakers now hope to be able to attract Uncle Drew in the next offseason. For that, they will have to be able to offer him a sufficiently attractive contract, which requires an immediate adaptation of their plans.

Indeed, if they want to have enough cap space to sign him, the Purple & Gold must build a squad with several players with expiring contracts. This would partly explain their interest in Myles Turner, Bojan Bogdanovic or Cam Reddish, also future free agents. Not to mention the case of Russell Westbrook, still a member of the roster, whose lease will also end in 2023!

Failing to have succeeded in extricating him from the Nets this summer, the Lakers will seek to convince Kyrie Irving to join them next year as a free agent. A decision that inevitably impacts their recruitment in this off-season, and which remains risky despite everything!

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