The horses spotted for Monday, September 5

Craon (R1)

104 Harmattan

Spotted July 28 at the Lion d’Angers by Freddy Boersch : “Gradually relegated to the last third of the peloton, was slow to find his action before finishing pleasantly.”

209 Lupine Gamelia

Spotted August 24 in Les Sables d’Olonne by Jordan Philippy : “Coming in first on the first pass opposite, seemed to be going easily when it took off on the penultimate turn.”

509 Speedaara

Spotted August 7 at the Lion d’Angers by Nicolas Labourasse:Waiting at the back, finished very quickly, narrowly failing to win.”

613 Hermes Ludois

Spotted August 26 at Cabourg by Tanguy Bernier : “Quickly within the peloton, found himself face to face with the wind, but supported his effort very well until the end, without being able to resist happy story then gained a rank after investigation.”

Flowers (R2)

109 Egeria of the Well

Spotted August 30 at Gingham by Johann Longepee: “Waiting on a third line on the rope, had to look for the opening for a long time before sprinting very well.

Grains (R3)

501 Hernando Bello

Spotted August 22 at Seeds by Tanguy Bernier : “Fast in the lead, controlled the race as he pleased.”

706 Axel Ice Tea

Spotted August 19 at Cabourg by Jordan Philippy : “Faulty in the first turn, continued to regain ground during the last lap, finishing pleasantly, behind the first two.”

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