The hilarious antics of Topette and Maestro

Blancafort. “Are you okay, are you okay? with the musiclowns. It is in an exceptional setting in the park of the Château de Blancafort, made available by its owner, Alban de Montjou, that the second part of the operation A summer in Blancafort took place, organized by Blanc’ap, chaired by Christine Jolivet-Darchy. Alban de Montjou had also made available his guardians at the entrance service, Sylvie and Olivier.

In exceptional circumstances, exceptional artists: musician-clowns Julien Gerbier and Vincent Strate, from the company la P’tite Fabrique, for their show 2 like 1 chord from their stage names, Topette and Maestro.

The company is based in Loches (Indre-et-Loire). To see the wide and laughing eyes of the many children sitting on the bleachers, we could deduce that the show was successful. Young and old laughed and it feels good to rediscover a child’s soul for the parents, even grandparents, present at this quality show. Music and laughter were one and the same on this Friday afternoon in the shelter of large generous trees.

This live show was shared by a hundred people including many children bewitched by Topette’s clowning. Be careful, this man is dangerous, don’t lend him your kitchen tools, he can turn them into musical instruments…

The company continues its tour throughout France.


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