the Hero10 Black is excellent

Despite the perpetual problems of overheating, on such a powerful and compact subwoofer, the GoPro Hero10 Black certainly comes close to the ultimate version that the action-cam brand could imagine. 5.3K at 60 frames per second, masterful stabilization, horizon maintenance, very faithful colors…

New year obliges, the company does not want to lose the gap it has dug against its increasingly present competitors. Facing DJI and Insta360, GoPro is preparing the new GoPro Hero11 Black. First information (which remains to be confirmed) is reaching us. First observation: it is above all against its predecessor that the new camera is fighting.

The release date of the new GoPro Hero11 Black is expected for this month of September. Last year, the GoPro Hero10 Black was released on September 16. Thanks to photos shared by WinFuture, we already have several illustrations of the camera, faithful to the style of the two previous generations.

It must be said that the GoPro Hero9 Black had particularly modified the form factor, which cannot happen too regularly on this type of product with large accessory ranges. GoPro doesn’t want to sideline customers year over year. In view of component shortages, it was also best to be wise this year.

© WinFuture

Customers will therefore be able to enjoy a screen at the rear (2.27 inches) as well as at the front (1.4 inches). The touchscreen shouldn’t change either. This is perhaps the only point on which we would have liked GoPro to make a small effort to improve its use (a little capricious at times).

What will change on GoPro Hero 11 Black

To find changes, it will certainly be necessary to focus on the sensor. The new GoPro Hero11 Black should opt for a larger sensor, 27 megapixels, which will notably improve the qualities of low-light shots. There are no plans at GoPro to offer 6K, so we expect the GoPro Hero11 Black to do like the Hero10 Back.

Increasing the size of the sensor would be a way for GoPro to erase a defect present on the Hero10 Black in terms of angle management. According to the website WinFuturethe GoPro Hero11 Black would also have the “widest field of view of all GoPro”.

Among users, many would appreciate the brand making a new leap forward on the autonomy part. But there is no indication so far that the camera will improve its battery usage, especially in view of the power-hungry performance that 5.3K content at 60 fps or 4K content at 120 fps requires.

GoPro Hero10 Black at the best price
Base price: €529

GoPro Hero11 Mini

© WinFuture

GoPro Hero11 Mini

Finally, the announcement effect of the future generation of GoPro could well be in the release of a new, more compact and accessible version. It would be the GoPro Hero11 Mini, as WinFuture believes he can demonstrate it today. It would be a model taking up the strategy of the “Session” range, abandoned in 2016 (even if it was still marketed for two years).

At the time, it was already a camera without a screen, more transportable and less expensive. For its return as the “Mini” this year, customers might even expect to enjoy the same capabilities as the Hero11 Black.

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