The Garage Theater Festival ends in style

Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire. Closing in apotheosis of the Festival du Garage-théâtre. Like the previous five days, Wednesday, the closing day, the Garage Theater festival was almost sold out.

Thus, Jean-Paul Wenzel, the initiator of the project, at the time of opening the closing evening, admitted: “You did not believe me when I said that we should add chairs”. Done in minutes.

The public was at the rendezvous

He could then leave the star to Gilles David, from the Comédie-Française, in a well-hidden corner of the site’s garden. There, the actor installed on a small platform gave an overview of his talent by reading an extract from Steinbeck’s work, Of mice and Men, in front of a hundred receptive people, even if the actor conceded that “it is only a medium-altitude flight of this work but which gives an overview of the two main characters”.

The evening continued, and the festival ended with close-up, by Koffi Kwahulé, mixing text and saxophone accompaniment.

Top quality shows

Thus, the curtain fell on this 2022 festival which attracted a large number of spectators, all satisfied, as summarized by one of the organizers. “We are happy, the shows were of excellent quality. With this third edition, we have taken a step forward. »


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