The film ”Jrada Malha” by Driss Roukhe in preview in Casablanca

Casablanca – The feature film “Jrada Malha” by director Driss Roukhe was screened in preview on Tuesday evening at the Megarama cinema in Casablanca.

This psychological thriller, which has suspense as its key word, is based on a writing that has deliberately detached itself from time and space. A choice guided by a dramatic form giving more importance to the narration and the character.

In this intimate film, the bet is to immerse the audience in a dramatic psychological story and bring them closer to the characters, creating a sort of identification with one or more of them.

“Jrada Malha” tells the story of Ranya, a young woman who finds herself at the center of a conspiracy. She was “programmed” and manipulated by members of a mysterious organization, to serve as a guinea pig for an experiment carried out by these people for very specific purposes. A whole protocol has been put in place to shape it and create the desired character.

Deprived of her life and her memories, her memory in disarray and a suffocating present, Ranya decides to go in search of her true life. A life lost in a well-crafted scheme to control, direct and command.

For his first feature film, actor and director Driss Roukhe took the gamble of making a genre film, which was, according to him, the fruit of long-term work.

In a statement to M24, MAP’s continuous news channel, the filmmaker pointed out that the production process of “Jrada Malha” lasted several years, in order to refine the various details of the film.


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