The festival unites the team of the tourist office

For the perfectionist president of the Albret tourist office Jean-François Garrabos, this jazz festival allows his team to unite around a common project.

He doesn’t hide it, he’s like that, he can’t help it, it’s in his nature. Jean-François Garrabos sticks to a crazy pressure so that the second edition of the Albret Jazz Festival – from September 9 to 11 at the Parc de la Garenne in Nérac – is a total success. The Albret tourist office (OT), of which he is the president, is carrying out the heavy organization of this event which promises to be under the best auspices.

“I’m a perfectionist, I’m a bit paranoid and maybe even a candy-breaker (he doesn’t exactly use this expression) in the eyes of some people”, he confides before explaining himself: “I want to tend towards excellence, above all I want every euro of public money invested to be efficient”.

“I call the teams 40 times a day”

As he is vampirized by this agonizing idea that the right ingredients do not necessarily make a good recipe, he sometimes lets himself be overwhelmed by the pressure. “I am the bridgehead, I try to be inventive and reactive like on my farm, so I call the teams 40 times a day”, he admits, repeating over and over again that “the base in the tourism is the smile”.

The OT is therefore mobilized as never before. “Our primary vocation, he recalls, is not to organize a festival but to inform tourists and energize the territory”. He is convinced that the Albret Jazz Festival can give color to the Indian summer with charming holidaymakers and Lot-et-Garonnais.

Beyond this new proposal in the heart of Albret, already renowned for its relaxed lifestyle and friendliness, Jean-François Garrabos feels that this human adventure “gives the tourist office a team spirit”.

“We feel united in a common project that everyone has validated”. Nothing predestined someone who was a zealous volunteer at the Aiguillon Jazz Festival in the 80s to take over the reins of tourism in Albret. He is delighted with the operation A Sunday in the vineyard and “invisible actions” and some other “less visible actions” but he is convinced that the Albret Jazz Festival is in the process of propelling the Albret tourist office into another dimension.

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