The Festival Livres en Marche writes the field of possibilities

The central theme of the festival, according to the organizers, remains societal issues. All decisions and programming choices, again according to them, “take into account our wishes for environmental sobriety and continuous improvement of our operating methods “.

In addition to the feathers mentioned above, visitors will also be able to discuss, among others, with the authors: Denis Lafay, Yves Mathelin, Michel Moriceau, Georges Neyrac, Colin Niel, Wilfried N’Sondé, Micheline Rambaud, Thierry Verron, Fabrice Bonnifet Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Arthur Grimonpont, or even Adrien Gygax. Youth authors will also be at the festival, such as Chiara Pastorini or Laurent Rivelaygue.

A book market

Second-hand, new, comics, manga, hard-to-find detective novels, art books, biography, geography, science fiction… The 800 m2 of the Bourse aux Livres will allow visitors to obtain books at “defying all competition “. Operating on the principle of deposit-sale, the Bourse aux Livres de Livres en Marche offers individuals the possibility of renewing their stocks.

80% of the sale price is donated to the sellers. The latter will be able to recover unsold items with a price greater than or equal to €4. In addition, this year, for €20 spent on the Bourse aux Livres, a discount of €2.50 is applied to the entry price.

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Remember that Book Meetings in Marche have also been organized since January 2022.

Visual credits: Festival Livres en Marches

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