The FAR take part in an international conference in Israel

Tsahal, the Israeli army, has announced that it will hold an international conference next week (September 12-15) on “operational innovation” at its headquarters in Tel Aviv, with the participation of military delegations from 25 country. As you can imagine, the Kingdom is among the participants in the event. The inspector of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), commander of the southern zone, the general of army corps, Belkhir Farouk will be there.

According to a press release from the Israeli army, it is planned in addition to Morocco, the participation of the United States, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, India, from Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Canada and Australia, in addition to NATO. In the same press release, it is said that the conference “will deepen international cooperation in the areas of strategy and defence, as well as expand mutual learning and exploitation of military capabilities“. The IDF further stated that “the he conference is a further step in strengthening cooperation between the IDF and other countries of the world as well as for achieving regional security and stability“.

In this context, Abderrahmane Mekkaoui, an expert in military and strategic issues, told Hespress that “Moroccan-Israeli military cooperation is very advanced in the current circumstances, especially after Morocco decided to restore political, military and security relations with Israel.The Kingdom remained, however straight in its boots on its positions on the Palestinian questionMekkaoui went on to say, that “the conference to be held in Tel Aviv is actually a technical meeting that will discuss modern strategies in wars that have become hybrid wars that rely on medium and long range missiles and drones“.

Abderrahmane Mekkaoui pointed out that “morocco is trying to take advantage of systems in israeli operations, especially today what is happening is cyber warfare in the first place, and morocco benefits from the huge israeli technical capabilities in this area“. The expert in military and strategic questions is formal, “hasToday, whoever has the information wins the war, and Israel has the means. Technology from the fourth to sixth generation allows him to face various enemies“, he said again, noting, “this is why Morocco seeks to benefit from training in Israeli technology, particularly in the cybernetic field, fifth and fourth generation weapons, drones and long-range missiles to protect its territory from various threat“.

This participation comes months after the reception of Aviv Kochavi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, at the headquarters of the High Command of the Royal Armed Forces in Rabat by the Inspector of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Commander from the southern zone, Lieutenant General Belkhir Farouk. The Hebrew official had discussed during his visit to Morocco, with his Moroccan counterparts, the opportunities for military cooperation, whether in terms of strengthening training or in the operational and intelligence fields. A statement issued by the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces said the visit aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation within the framework of the tripartite agreement between Israel, Morocco and the United States.

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