The ELBILIA group switches to trilingualism and obtains the prestigious “Oxford Quality” certification

The ELBILIA group switches to trilingualism from the start of the 2022 school year. the objective is to guarantee academic excellence through the mastery of foreign languages ​​to all students, from kindergarten to baccalaureate, in order to allow them an openness to the world and easy access to major international universities.

Students will follow an English language teaching program in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languagesand this, with their English teachers, under the supervision of the partner Oxford University Press. A system for certifying students in English is set up throughout their school career, going until they obtain C1 certification at the end of the baccalaureate.

For all study cycles, it will be a question of increasing the number of hours of teaching of the English language in all its formswhether through early learning and development activities in kindergarten or practical sessions for the largest primary and secondary classes, the language skills of the students of the ELBILIA group will be better developed.

The English language reinforcement project started a few years ago and has now resulted in obtaining the “Oxford Quality” certification issued by “Oxford University Press”, the new partner of the ELBILIA group. Indeed, “Beyond its audits and training, this partnership provides support for teachers in new teaching methods for managing class-students in education, practical academic workshops, the provision of professional support and launch of training to support students with special learning needs.

By participating in the Oxford Quality program, ELBILIA Group demonstrates its commitment not only to using quality English language teaching materials, but also to building a more collaborative relationship with Oxford University Press in its mission to promote excellence in learning. of English around the world. “, explains Nick Cherkas, representative of “Oxford University Press” in North Africa.

“The ELBILIA group confirms its desire to promote linguistic diversity in Moroccan private schools, by strengthening the teaching of the English language from kindergarten, to guarantee all its students a trilingual level Arabic, French and English at the end of their school course” ensures the management of “Education Development Company”, parent company of the Elbilia Group.

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