The Division Heartland makes a surprise appearance on the Ubisoft Store

Provided for September 10the next Ubisoft Forward which should unveil the future games of the french editor happens, and it shows. Unable to keep secrets and victim of very (too) regular leaks, another game is a brief appearance on the Ubisoft Storeonly a few days later the accidental reveal of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. This time it’s The Division Heartland who talks about him again.

Indeed, the sheet of the future free-to-play spin-off of The Division was uploaded for a while, then quickly removed, reports Eurogamer. In the purest Ubisoft tradition, what. However, not too many surprises here, since The Division Heartland had already been announced in May 2021. The game page simply recalls the concept of the future multiplayer shooter.

As said above, it’s a safe bet that the title will be presented in more depth during the Ubisoft Forward of September 10with a potential date key deployment.

To resume the description of the page in question and as a reminder, The Division Heartland should propose “massive 45-player PvPvE battles” in ” a small town in the United States »where players will face renegade agents and a new known faction under the name of the Vultures… while than a deadly virus spreads across the map.

Heartland could offer two game modes : a co-op Excursion mode where players will have to wander around the map to complete missions and collect materials, while only a Storm mode would add teams of competing players in the mix. At launch, players will have the choice between 6 agents with unique abilitiesdistributed in 3 classes.

This is not the first time that details about The Division Heartland are found in nature, since only a few days after the official reveal of the game, a presentation intended for testers under confidentiality clause was published online. Despite this presentation, the overall way to play Heartland and the synergy between both game modes remains rather vague, but all the more reason for wait patiently for September 10 to know more.

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