The cobra is the first international star of the season unveiled, discover his identity

It is now a tradition in Mask Singer on TF1. Since the second season of the program presented by Camille Combal, international celebrities have been giving voice to complicate the investigation investigators and viewers. For this fourth seasonthe identity of the cobra has given aficionados of the program a hard time.

After the star of the Spanish series Money HeistItziar Ituño, actress Teri Hatcher and singer Seal, a fourth world-famous celebrity took to the stage in the French version of the country’s biggest television survey.

Pop culture icon

Hidden under the features of a cobra with an XXL head and golden and silver reflections, this new character performed the hit My Way by Frank Sinatra. Before delivering this interpretation, the public discovered the clues to his identity. We have thus learned that he has a star in his name on Hollywood Boulevard, that he has already gone on tour or that he is considered an icon of pop culture.

If Kev Adams and Vitaa quickly mentioned the name of Sting or Iggy Pop, it was comedian David Hasselhoff, known for his roles in Baywatch and K2000 who appeared during the unmasking after his performance. Only Jeff Panacloc was right among the investigators.

An actress discovered in More beautiful life

In addition to this special guest, the identity of another character was revealed after four face-to-face meetings during the evening. It was finally the mouse who took off his mask after interpreting one more night of Celine Dion​.

Quickly, the quartet of investigators had embarked on the trail of an actress. Well seen since it is the actress and author Laëtitia Milot who was hiding under the costume. She is particularly known for having played the role of Mélanie Rinato in the series More beautiful life or for his participation in Dance with the stars.

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