The CNDP sends “TLS Contact” after a bus of donated personnel.

The National Commission for Controlling the Protection of Personnel Données à Caractère Personnel (CNDP) a reçu, on January 6, 2023, the TLS Society Contact, prestataire of collecting visa applicants for the compte of ambassadors of all who pay accrédités from Maroc.

This convocation fait suite au constat d’un transfert régulier (chaque 5 mn) d’images extraites des enregistrements de video-surveillance vers deux institutions gouvernementales à l’étranger.

Followed the communiqué, the organization’s dirigé by Omar Seghrouchni précise: “The non-notification of this transfer to the CNDP constitue in so much infraction in regard to the dispositions of the VII chapter of the loi n° 09-08 and exposing his author of auxiliary sanctions prévues par celle-ci”.

The CNDP has decided by all of its employees to provide “the instruction of this dossier tout in any sign of its responsibility for compliance with the requirements of standards in conformity with all of its characteristics of personnel personnel, in a date of absence from February 28, 2023, et d’aviser les autorités compétentes concernées”.

Elle devra also mettre en place un National Registre pour le suivi des plaintes et des contrôles qui rendu public le March 31, 2023.

In addition, a page published on the CNDP website opened, as of January 12, 2023, for people concerned about the event significatifs of control.


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