The city of Chichaoua vibrated to the rhythms of the 14th edition of its national festival

The city of Chichaoua vibrated to the rhythms of the fourteenth edition of its national festival, an eclectic event intended to promote and celebrate, as it should be, one of the richest and most emblematic local tangible and intangible heritage on a national scale.

Initiated under the theme “Chichaoua: memory and diversity, openness and continuity”, by the Forum of Chichaoua for culture and the arts, in partnership with the municipal council of the city, this festival was a moment of “reunion” and long-awaited exchange between the public and their favorite stars in particular, after more than two years of rupture due to the negative repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Also benefiting from the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication, the Ministry of the Interior, the Council of the Marrakech-Safi region as well as the provincial council, this event rich in rhythms and sounds was designed in such a way as to allow festival-goers to reconnect with their favorite arts and music, with a focus on a unique heritage that deserves to be valued and known to the general public.

In other words, it is a question of further promoting and making known the tangible and intangible heritage of this part of the national territory, while opening up to the cultural and artistic legacy of other regions of the Kingdom, via a rich program and variety concocted for this edition, with the aim of celebrating different musical styles, something to satisfy all tastes.

According to the organizers, the event is part of the implementation of the contents of the Constitution, those intended to highlight all this richness and diversity of the characteristics and cultural and historical tributaries of the united and secular national identity, as well as the continuity of the Moroccan nation and its deeply rooted and constant national sovereignty.

The organization of this festival, they continue, fits perfectly with the major concern of a collective adhesion for the concretization in the facts, of the recommendations of the new model of Development (NMD), in particular those underlining the imperative of the preservation of the national heritage and the promotion and highlighting of collective memory, starting from festivals and other forms of religious and artistic expression, codification, as well as the collection of heritage, its preservation and promotion.

“It is also a question of injecting a new dynamic into this collective awareness-raising effort carried out at the level of Chichaoua (the territory, the man, the history, etc.), that highlighting the cultural richness and diversity tangible and intangible heritage, also starting from the major roles played by culture and art as multidimensional levers of the solid social links that exist between the components of the city, with a view to achieving its influence at the local level , regional and national”, explain the organizers.

To do this, the initiators of this unmissable annual event have developed a most attractive program, with the approach of using all the means intended to promote local heritage, among others, fantasia shows, with the participation of troupes from the province and other regions of Morocco, and local folklore troupes, among others, “Ahouach”, “Houmada”, “Tisskiouine”, “Lahrarcha”, “Al Ghita”, etc.

Festival-goers also had an appointment with musical evenings hosted by icons of “popular” Moroccan music, “Hassanie”, “Amazigh”, and that of young people, like “Oualid Errahmani”, “Zahira Rbatiya” , “Saïda Charaf”, “Badr Amir”, the group “Oudadden”, and “Said Senhaji”.

Also on the menu was a broad blood donation campaign, as part of the efforts of the Chichaoua Forum for Culture and the Arts to popularize and promote the values ​​of solidarity and mutual aid, in addition to a tournament in Petanque intended to encourage the practice of this sporting discipline.


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