The challenges of the digital transformation of territories

The actors of digital transformation in Africa as well as the heads of local authorities meet on October 6, 2022 in Casablanca, for the 2022 edition of the Digital African Tour (DAT).

Organized by Cio mag and placed under the theme “ African cities, how to reconcile sustainable development, modernization and innovation », the DAT Morocco 2022 will be an opportunity to address the issues related to the rational urbanization of African cities.

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis precipitated the almost forced shift to digital. This movement now affects local authorities where digital is increasingly at the service of governance, local economic development and job creation, especially for young people.

Today, digital is at the heart of any community transformation process. In Africa, the number of users of mobile services is growing twice as fast as the world average, according to a press release from the organizers, noting that 70% of the African population use mobile services against 93% in Europe.

Due to the poor deployment of fixed Internet network infrastructures, the use of mobile telephone networks has been favored, so that it tends to cover all territories. African countries have been led to choose the development of high-speed mobile internet as a strategic axis of the continent’s connectivity, continues the same source.

According to the organizers of DAT 2022, it is not a question of opposing digital infrastructures to physical infrastructures, which are undeniably complementary, but by betting on digital to anticipate the insufficiency or absence of infrastructures, local authorities also the challenge of modernity and the optimization of resources. The integration of digital into governance processes has been irreversibly engaged for more resilience, adds the same source.

Digital, a lever for territorial development

It is in this context that the Digital African Tour will bring together digital players, heads of local authorities, as well as managers of water and electricity companies to discuss, among other things, avenues of reflection for sustainable development. , modernization and innovation of African cities.

Thus, the DAT Morocco 2022 aims, according to the organizers, to lay the foundations of an African model of Smart Cities on the continent and its specificities. It will be a question of protecting and enhancing the resources of the territories by combining local development and innovation, both for energy management, waste management, agriculture, health, education and in a global way, administration. local.

This 2022 edition of DAT Morocco will also focus on the role of digital and innovation in the service of African cities, announces the press release, noting that the experts, decision-makers and actors expected in Casablanca will have to propose urgent measures to build ecosystems of innovation that respond to the specificity of each city on the continent.

According to the same source, the DAT Morocco 2022 will therefore be an opportunity to better understand the strategies ” smart implemented by large African cities such as Benguerir, Berkane, Casablanca in Morocco, Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Yamoussoukro, Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire, Bizerte in Tunisia and Diamniadio in Senegal.

The keys to the success of these case studies will be the subject of sharing of good practices, with a view to bringing out the best uses, indicates the organizers, before specifying that the actors expected in Morocco will reflect on the mechanisms for financing the emergence sustainable cities in Africa.

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