The Battlefield Series Gets A Makeover And Announces A Single-player Campaign From The Creator Of Halo

It’s in A press release that Byron Beede, boss of the Battlefield saga, on behalf of the whole team behind the famous series of multiplayer FPS, reveals to us what is planned for the sequel. Recalling to what extent the community has always been present and has notably helped a lot in the development of Battlefield 2042Byron promises us that everyone at EA is all about the future of Battlefield.

And seeing the list of stars working on the franchise, we are all reassured: Vince Zampella (founder of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment), Rebecka Coutaz (Ubisoft Annecy), but above all Marcus Lehto one of the creators of Halo, but especially of shameful disintegration. The latter, within the new studio Ridgeline Games, will take care of developing “a narrative campaign taking place in the universe of Battlefield and which will entertain fans in a new and exciting way while remaining faithful to the classic elements. from the Serie “. I hope you enjoy the self-love, the pink aliens, the heightened patriotism, but most of all the hallways! Do you like long endless grayish corridors?

After the fiasco that was Battlefield 2042, we especially hope that the people who are currently working on the next games have learned from their mistakes and are not stupidly waiting for feedback from the community to release a barely drinkable FPS. According to the rumors of last marchthis wish could possibly, perhaps, why not, be granted.

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