The website rewarded with a golden Hashtag:

Created in 2018 by the Social Media Observatory of Territories, the Golden Hashtags reward each year a different theme of the digital communication of local authorities. The 2022 edition honors the eco-responsible web, and sees the City of Angers website rewarded with a gold Hashtag in the “large cities” category.

To establish the winners, the community sites were first screened with the Responsiweb tool, with an analysis of three criteria: ecological (carbon impact), ethics (respect for the protection of personal data, accessibility in particular to the public visually impaired) and web compliance (security protocol and adaptation to mobile devices).

This first sorting made it possible to identify five finalist sites: those of the cities of Metz, Le Mans, Rouen, Toulouse and therefore Angers. They were then analyzed by a professional jury made up of members of the steering committee of the Social Media Observatory of the territories. Five criteria were studied to designate the winner: ergonomics, graphics, editorial, functionalities and compliance with legal obligations.


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