The 7 Best Free Sources to Learn About Cryptos

Want to better understand the subject of cryptocurrencies in order to invest or just to monitor a market that is still new, but promising? Here is our selection of sites, accounts to follow and podcasts to listen to.

You don’t know anything about cryptocurrency, but plan to get started? Don’t panic, there are plenty of online resources to familiarize yourself with the issue. How to do it concretely? Which currencies are the most popular, least volatile, the most polluting ? What are the risks involved ?… But also understand the main concepts: blockchain, Smart Contract, mining, staking, Wallet, proof-of-stake and proof-of-work, etc.

So many complex notions to decipher before taking the plunge. And, even if the wisest thing is to start with a very reasonable sum that you will not be afraid of losing, it is better to follow the right advice from the start and make the right choices in terms of trading service, crypto invested… For that, you still need to know the right links to start on a sound basis. Here is our selection to learn by yourself… and for free.

A newsletter, a TikTok accountanother on Instagram, LinkedIna Youtube channela book… Each week, caroline jurado shares his knowledge on cryptocurrencies (but also the Web3) to make them more accessible. Each new subscriber to his weekly email also has access to links that allow you to understand the subject well from the beginning. As a bonus, its newsletter allows you to stay informed and to have the latest good advice in terms of investing in cryptos. Unavoidable.

Climb is a service dedicated to investing in order to optimize taxes. Very useful for properly completing his declaration and finding interesting financial investments according to his profile, he is also interested in cryptocurrencies. Climb has created a “getting started guide” to crypto investing. Very didactic, it covers the main concepts and gives some basic advice for beginners in the subject.

This online course produced by one of the best specialists in the genre, OpenClassrooms, will give you an excellent overview of the subject. In 10 hours, all the major concepts will be covered to better master the subject. Of course, this teaching will not give you the concrete keys to investing, but you will have a very solid foundation to better understand the risks involved and the main principles of cryptocurrency.

This is another newsletter that deserves your full attention. Available in free subscription, but also in premium version to have a really exhaustive info of the subject. Two specialized journalists, Grégory Raymond and Raphaël Bloch, publish a particularly well-crafted newsletter on the subject every Thursday morning to provide long-term training and not miss any of the major issues related to cryptocurrencies. The site also provides access to many useful articles.

There is a site with advice, but it’s mostly for his podcast that we recommend Cryptoast. Available on major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, etc.), this podcast provides as much information as possible about cryptocurrencies and their news. Perfect for learning and getting informed on public transport, while ironing or during your weekend run. The episodes are between 15 to 45 minutes and are often themed. It’s up to you to choose what interests you.

On the Coursera online training site, there is a very comprehensive course on cryptos offered by Princeton University. Dedicated to beginners, it is of an excellent level and allows you to fully understand this Bitcoin ecosystem (and only Bitcoin). This teaching is in English, but French subtitles are available. It is possible to start the course at any time and the whole learning process takes approximately 23 hours to complete.

The French company Ledger is well known for its physical wallets, kinds of USB keys that easily allow you to store all the information related to your crypto investments in a secure way. But the Ledger site also offers an Academy section that provides information using very didactic thematic practical sheets. Cryptocurrencies, NFTWeb3, security… so many decrypted concepts.

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