Thanks to iOS 16, the Top Widget app breaks download records

It takes advantage of the recent release of the iOS 16 operating system and the craze for customizing the locked screen.

Apple rolled out iOS 16the new version of its operating system for iPhone, on September 12th. It brings its share of new features, including the customization of the lock screen.

Some publishers are surfing this wave and experiencing historic success. This is particularly the case of the Top Widget application.

Over 30 million users

Within days, this free app became a must-have and in many countries including the United States and China, it established itself as the hottest in the Utilities category.

Originally from the Middle Kingdom, it was developed by the company Chengdu Guluoying Technology and has especially conquered its country of origin, which represents more than 85% of downloads.

Top Widget app logo.┬ęChengdu Guluoying Technology

Initially launched in 2020 and compatible with all iPhones running iOS 14 or later, it was already having some success with its dedicated home screen widgets. But as soon as iOS 16 went live, Top Widget adapted and saw its downloads explode. Proof that this feature was particularly expected by users.

The application certainly draws its success from its responsiveness to the new possibilities offered by Apple, but also from its wide range of interactive inserts.

The Chinese publisher has indeed tried to meet all needs and all ages. It thus offers useful widgets indicating key information such as battery level, upcoming events, weather, date and time, reminders.

The Top Widget application offers a wide range of widgets for iPhone locked screens.
The Top Widget application offers a wide range of widgets for iPhone locked screens.┬ęChengdu Guluoying Technology

Those who wish can also track their activity level with the pedometer and calories burned. The most nostalgic can enjoy their favorite photos. Animations of all kinds are also on the program.

Everything is customizable graphically (colors, font, size, widget style) and easily.

As a bonus, the X-panel functionality allows you to gather a multitude of information on a single widget. It is then no longer necessary to multiply the inserts.

Top Widget is just one example though. There are more and more applications on the App Store that bring widgets to the locked screen. They should also increase significantly in the coming weeks, while iOS 16 is only in its first days of deployment.

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