TF1: “Dance with the stars” will reveal this Friday evening the face of a candidate for the future “Star Academy”

TF1 is starting to “crossover” (meeting between two programs) in terms of entertainment. According to our information, the front page will take advantage of the second issue of “Dancing with the Stars” (“DALS”), broadcast this Friday evening (9:10 p.m.), to promote another star program of the channel: the “Star Academy “.

The parquet floor of “DALS” will thus see a surprise host arrive in the middle of the show alongside Camille Combal: Nikos Aliagas. The presenter of “The Voice” will go to the audience of the dance show to announce to a young woman that she will join the new promotion of “Star Academy”. Trapped by the production thanks to the complicity of her relatives, the candidate in question thought she had simply come to attend a filming of “Dance with the stars”.

Thanks to this unprecedented initiative, TF1 is sending a reminder to viewers, before the big comeback of the “Star Academy” expected from October on its antenna. After having hired Michael Goldman as manager from school, the chain is currently looping the cast of his new promotion and prepares its welcome in the famous castle of Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne).

Return of Jean-Marc Généreux to DALS

Nikos Aliagas, for his part, will resume service in the animation of the weekly telecrochet evenings, but not the daily ones, which will be offered before the soap opera “Here everything begins”. A strategic issue for its broadcaster, “Star Academy” will return to the front page for the first time in fourteen years.

Last Friday, the launch of season 12 of “Dancing with the stars”, marked by the elimination of David Douillet, convinced 3.03 million fans, or 16.9% of the public. Still very strong, the market share of the commercial target of female purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50) reached 31.7%. It is nevertheless the weakest historical launch of the program with the whole of the public, TF1 being always penalized by the cut of its chains by Canal +.

This Friday evening, the entertainment, which also includes Billy Crawford, Carla Lazzari or even Clémence Castel and Florent Peyre, will exceptionally welcome Jean-Marc Généreux. The former juror of “Dancing with the stars” for 10 seasons leaves for a unique lap: he will replace Chris Marques, absent due to Covid.

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