talks to open an Israeli consular office in Qatar

Une almost standardization? Israel did not qualify for the tournament, but in June announced an agreement allowing its citizens, like other foreigners, to obtain an entry visa to Qatar upon presentation of proof of ticket purchase for tournament.

“There have been contacts between Israeli and Qatari officials”said an Israeli diplomatic official, confirming that the talks are about opening an office “temporary” for Israeli fans attending the World Cup.

The talks “should not be characterized as diplomatic talks and, as of now, no agreement has yet been reached”

An Israeli diplomatic official

The discussions “should not be characterized as diplomatic discussions and, as of now, no agreement has yet been reached”added the official who requested anonymity.

Qatar does not recognize Israel and supports Hamas, in power in the Gaza Strip. Israel, which placed the Palestinian enclave under blockade more than 15 years ago, has contacts with Doha to authorize the distribution of Qatari aid to Gaza, but the details of these contacts are rarely confirmed publicly.

Qatar, which at the end of the 1990s hosted an Israeli trade representation without having official diplomatic relations, criticized the Abraham Accords signed between the Jewish state and certain Arab countries, including Morocco, judging that they broke with an Arab consensus that the normalization of relations with Israel should only be considered in the event of a peace agreement leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

(with AFP)

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