Sylvie Tellier, emotion, tears and projects around French excellence

Sylvie Tellier, who will leave the organization of Miss France at the end of the year, reveals her desires and the professional projects she is considering.

It’s a back-to-school season rich in emotions for Sylvie Tellier . Wednesday, August 31, a press release indicated that the general manager of Miss France will leave the organization of the beauty contest at the end of the year . A 17 year adventure.

We find her the next day, back to school day, at the supermarket with her 3 children to complete the list of emergency school supplies. Moments immortalized by the teams of “50’Inside”. “I had a little upset back to school, but we’re getting there,” she smiles at the pen department. She looks back with great emotion on the last 20 years, marked by the Miss France adventure. “I did the emotional lift a bit, I think I laughed, cried, laughed, cried”, she confides, at home this time, adding to be “super touched” to have had “so much of messages” after the announcement of his departure.

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In December 2001, she received the Miss France 2002 crown and sash. The start of an unforgettable adventure. “The French trusted me, they elected me, they changed my life. Without them, I would not have discovered the Miss France universe. I would certainly be a lawyer – at least I hope – but I would not have lived a quarter of what I lived”. Emotion overwhelms her and tears rise at the mention of this crown and the many trips around the world. “It’s not sadness, it’s just emotion, it’s a page of my life,” she said.

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A meeting with Minister Olivia Grégoire

But this report is also an opportunity to discuss his future projects. It wishes to promote French excellence. On this occasion, she met at her ministry Olivia Grégoire, in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade, Crafts and Tourism. Like what she did for the beauty contest, she offers to help “other French companies to do the same thing”, “pass a course of modernity, find financial partnerships, bring them a visibility”. Olivia Grégoire seems seduced. “It’s a chance for the minister that I am to be able to find in the months and years to come an ambassador of such quality to promote French craftsmen”.

And after the words, place to the actions. Sylvie Tellier, still followed by the cameras of TF1, goes to Mellerio, rue de la Paix in Paris, the oldest French jewelry house. “We must promote French know-how and I want to participate in this promotion of France”, confides the one who will remain honorary president of the Miss France society. The form remains to be defined, the project is at the stage of maturation.

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

She also sees in this new adventure the opportunity to show herself differently. “I want to show the French that behind the institution and behind the role of director of Miss France, there is a lighter Sylvie Tellier. And to slip: “I may want people to find me a little more sympathetic sometimes”.

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