Sultana Khaya seizes her visit to a left-wing deputy in the French Assembly to carry out a propaganda campaign against Morocco

Separatist activist Sultana Khaya made another appearance on Saturday, September 10, 2022. This time it was at the seat of the French National Assembly, where she took a photo with Communist MP Jean-Paul Lecoq and the representative of Polisario in France, Ahmed Sidati.

A simple meeting which was used by the media in the pay of the Algerian power to convey false information according to which the Lower House of the French Parliament reserved for him, as guest of honor, a public session to examine the question of Western Sahara . But the most shocking thing about this story is that the French authorities did not react to this fake news. Worse, it looks like an order has been given to provide a platform for Sultana to take on Morocco on numerous occasions.

Because her meeting with the French communist deputy was an opportunity for her to talk about the alleged “violations” she allegedly suffered from Morocco, in particular “the state of siege, torture and assassination attempts” , reports the SPS News Agency.

Also, the pro-Polisario activist favoring violent action was one of the guests of the 87th Humanity Day (September 9, 10 and 11), the annual high mass of left and far-left movements organized by the eponymous French newspaper. Sultana Khaya once again seized on this event to say that her visit was intended to “raise awareness of public opinion on the reality of the daily life of Sahrawis” and on a claim for the “right to self-determination”, calling for an intervention by France in the name of “country of human rights”.

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