Strong support for the defense of workers

At the head of a strong delegation, Salimi Nasreddine, President of the Union Syndicale Africaine, recently led a strong delegation to Guinea with the aim of consolidating the links of the various centers of this country with the body which brings together the unions of continent. A journey that has been crowned with success since other Guinean trade union organizations have joined the new pan-African movement. The number of member unions has now reached 22 compared to 18 a few months ago.

In the Guinean capital, Conakry, the USA delegation had meetings with several institutions of the Republic without forgetting the working sessions with its unionized counterparts. At the end of the various interviews, the participants explained the values ​​of African trade unionism and particularly that of Guinea.

According to the President of the USA, the Guinean trade union movement plays a vital role in defending the interests of workers, despite the threats hanging over certain trade union leaders. From where he did not fail to seek the adhesion of each other in order to bring new blood for the revitalization of social forces in Africa.

Remember that the USA intends to become a key player on the pan-African chessboard. With this in mind, it will support education and capacity building programs. The principle of the USA organizes around the tangible needs of workers around the world while acting to create hope, and to restore hope to those who may be sinking into doubt and impoverishment.

In addition, she works for the valuation of wages that is in line with the growing skills of workers without forgetting the fight against the continuous growth of precarious employment in all its forms, including bogus self-employment while demanding a better life. for workers, their families and communities.

Finally, this new structure, which aims to be pan-African, chaired by the Moroccan, Salihi Nasredine, also at the head of the Trade Union Force, was born from the desire of a group of countries, namely: Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire , Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry and Senegal.


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