Strategy for ensuring participant engagement

With attendee expectations rising, planners must now strategize to keep them engaged. In the last 2 years there has been a significant change in the way they approach life. They are more invested in physical and mental health, more focused on the future of the planet. They are also more aware of how they manage their time due to working from home, among other things.

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Consequently, as consumers, they redefine their priorities on what they buy, where they go and what they do, including events. People are eager to come back and engage with the brands and other attendees. But the same old tactics aren’t going to attract people. A strategy will be needed to keep participants engaged.

Elements to integrate into the participant engagement strategy

Event planners need to focus on product value and building excitement, right now more than ever. According to a 2020 Bizzabo report, more than 80% of marketing strategy professionals view attendee engagement as a key indicator to determine the success of an event. Everyone wants that “wow!” the moment they enter your event space.

To do this, continually aim to surprise and delight. This may not be a new strategy, but bring joy remains an effective way to ensure the commitment of participants. Create an environment in which consumers feel and wish to share this feeling on social networks. Thus, they amplify the imprint of your concept.

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Then, use technology to bring new dimensions to real-life experiences. Event planners can use lighting, projections and other technological elements to bring brands to life. Virtual and augmented reality are two effective technological tools that can help you. Why not include them in the participant engagement strategy?

Privilege interactivity. No one wants to just stand and watch from him. Use sensory elements to create fully immersive experiences. The physical involvement is imprinted in the memory.

In your attendee engagement strategy, keep momentum going for the future. How do events come to life digitally on a brand’s website and in email? What is the social strategy that will continue to retain consumers ? Create an integrated experience that goes beyond the event itself.

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