Still without a team, a former Laker cracks and goes into reality TV!

As the start of the season approaches, some great players still find themselves without a team… This is particularly the case for a former Lakers player, but we now understand why. Rather than working in the gym this summer, the former All-Star decided to participate in a reality TV show!

While training camps should resume by the end of the month in the NBA, and collective training has already resumed unofficially in certain franchises such as the Lakers, where LeBron James has also taken a young rookie under his wingsome players still find themselves without a team… Time is running out, which should push more than one to lower their demands.

For example, Dennis Schroder, who is currently carrying Germany during a EuroBasket organized at home, still does not know where he will evolve next season… If he will take care of his future after this major international deadline, he may not be able to apply for a starting role in a franchise, or even a 6th man. If he wishes to continue at the highest level, he may have to accept the status of simple mentor in a young squad.

Dwight Howard is on a reality show!

And he is not the only one in this situation, since Dwight Howard either did not sign a new contract after his last stint with the Lakers. He played 60 games last season, is still in good physical and athletic shape, so he could have received great offers… But rather than waiting for the phone call that will give his career a second wind, he decided to have fun during the summer, participating in a big reality TV show! The website Deadline recount :

Fox has ordered a season of reality TV ” Special Forces: The Ultimate Test“, based on the legendary British show. Former Trump administration Anthony Scaramucci, former Spice Girl Mel B and NBA player Dwight Howard are among the 16 entrants. They will take part in intense and trying challenges, taken from special forces training.

While almost all his colleagues were in Los Angeles this summer to train, Dwight Howard flew into the desert to participate in this reality TV show. But he too had to work a lot, physically and psychologically, since American special forces training is perhaps the most difficult in the world!

On paper, Dwight Howard leaves with a huge advantage compared to the other participants: he is a professional athlete, so he knows how to surpass himself physically and repel pain. Will it be enough to overcome all the challenges of the special forces?

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