Star of the series “Cobra Kai”, the young Dallas Dupree Young bursts the screen in “1-800-Hot-Nite”

At the start of the fourth, Dallas plays Kenny Payne, the son of a soldier bullied at school by Danny Larusso, the son of the hero played by Ralph Macchio. Humiliated once too often, he will harden himself in contact with the martial arts, at the risk of losing his soul. “I binge-watched the first three seasons in a week“, recalls this fan of the first hour. “It’s a special series where I rub shoulders with legends of the profession. On the set, we are subjected to intense training because the team in charge of the fights asks us to perform real choreography. Even if I suffered from a few little sores at the beginning, I think I got away with it. “

While his fans are impatiently awaiting season 5, on September 9, it is in 1-800-Hot-Nite that we find him for his first big role in the cinema. The number of the title, it is him of a pink line that Tommy and his friends compose, during the opening scene, prelude to a series of escapades much more dramatic. “The beauty of this film is to show reality as it is“Dallas points out. “The teenagers who will see it know like me how difficult it is to find your place in this difficult world. My advice? Don’t grow up too quickly!”


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