Sports bracelets galore for the Apple Watch Pro and a new model cheaper than the SE?

Tonight, a small harvest of rumors for two Apple Watch opposite (tariff) to each other! Let’s start with the Apple Watch Pro, whose technical drawings a priori credible unveiled the design today. The decidedly very prolific Mark Gurman has not only confirmed the veracity of these diagrams, but he also gave some additional details.

On the left, we guess the additional button. On the right, note the crown guard that surrounds the digital crown.

The famous additional button located on the left edge could be program. In fact, we do what we want with it: launch an application, an exercise or even a function. It remains to be seen how all this will be configured in watchOS 9.

In any case, this button could be very useful for athletes who do not necessarily have the head to manipulate the touch screen during their effort. Also remember that the screen is deactivated during swimming sessions: this additional button would allow minimal manipulation, for example to activate or deactivate the data measurement.

Still according to the same Gurman, Apple would foresee a ” wide range of wristbands whose theme will be extreme sports. The question arose of compatibility with the old bracelets, it should pass but aesthetically, it will be less good. We must also expect dials (he speaks in the plural) quite dense in information for fitness measurements.


The Apple Watch Pro would reset compatibility with old bracelets?

On the other side of the price spectrum, Apple would have thought of users who do not have deep enough pockets to afford an Apple Watch Pro, or even a Series 8. A last-minute indiscretion from the New York Times refers to a new connected watch “ cheaper than the Apple Watch SE (299 € or 329 € currently).

The manufacturer would like to position itself more effectively on the market of young users. We know that watchOS 9 improves and facilitates the addition and management of an Apple Watch within a family sharing. the NYT speaks of a New version of the watch, and not of a Series 7 (or 6) whose price would have been reduced. It’s hard to believe, but…


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