Spain announces the implementation of a smart border at Sebta

Lhe Spanish government has just given the green light for the establishment of a new entry and exit control system at the Bab Sebta border post, reports the EFE news agency. The delegation of the government of the city of Sebta has just received the green light from the State Secretariat for Security, for the implementation of the new system in the days to come.

According to the press release, the first stage of the implementation of the work will concern the installation of automated entry and exit systems (EES/Entry/Exit System). A phase that requires the establishment of infrastructure and the installation of the technical equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the automated system.

A project which, according to the press release, falls within the framework of European regulations and decisions. Clearly, this new system will be able to manage the data of entries, exits and refusal of access to the territory, of people with non-European nationalities who cross the external borders of the Member States of the Schengen area. The use of this type of automated solution aims, according to the Spanish authorities, to enhance the efficiency and security of border controls.

This type of process aims to avoid the passage of people who do not meet the access conditions, to combat identity theft and the fraudulent use of travel documents or to contribute to the prevention, detection and investigation of crimes related to terrorism.

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