South Africa: Tahir Levy shares his memories of Elizabeth II

Tahir Levy, born in 1935 and brought up in District Six, Cape Town, has always been a huge fan of the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

Over the years, Levy has collected various memorabilia from the Queen and the Royal Family.

Queen Victoria, who died in 1901, I call her Aunt Vickie. That’s what you can see over there, and that’s the Union Jack“, he said, pointing to the flag hanging on the wall of his house.

When they were schoolchildren in 1947, Levy and his family had the opportunity to see the royal family during the royal tour of South Africa.

When we were schoolboys in 1947, and we went to see them with a Union Jack“, he recalls.

Before we sang ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘Land of hope and glory’, she stopped right in front of me, and I looked at her. She was a princess, and she had these peach-red cheeks, and I said, ‘wow!’ She was dashing, dazzling and extremely lovely“.

Reflecting on the Queen’s passing, the 87-year-old also takes a moment to remember his late wife, who died in 2021.

I had two queens in my life, my wife died last year, and my queen died this year“.

With a blanket around his legs, his eyes are fixed on a flickering old-school television as he watches the developing news of the Queen’s passing and preparations for her burial.

It’s clear he will never forget the day he got to meet the Royal Family and will remain a fan of the Queen for the rest of his life.

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