should I buy it? What to remember from the first tests

Externally, CNET pretty much sums up the many comments on the design of these new smartphones of Apple, arguing that it ” there are few external differences between the iPhone 14 Pro and previous models ”, including regarding their introductory prices. Same story at Wiredfor whom the differences between Pro versions of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 will not jump out at neophytes, so the real change would come from installing iOS 16.

In all cases, it is enthusiasm that predominates. CNET awards a 9.2/10, Techradar gives the score of 4.5/5 and The Verge an 8/10. Wired expected better, without denying a good number of comments fully favorable to these new iPhones, and gives them a 7/10. The first point mostly highlighted during these tests is internal innovation, in particular according to The Verge for who, ” overall, there are more big idea debuts in the new iPhone 14 Pro than we’ve seen in an iPhone in a long time “.

Among the advances to remember for these media, the first concerns Dynamic Island. Apple’s latest innovation to replace the notch, so decried for almost five years and its arrival on the iPhone X, is unanimously hailed by critics. The second success comes from the Bionic A16 chip, which is a continuation of its predecessors in terms of performance and will prevent these models from aging quickly compared to the competition. Even more, the brightness of the display convinces particularly with The Verge and Wiredsince, even pushed to the maximum, “ iPhone 14 Pro retains really fantastic colors, while some phone screens tend to wash them out “.

Another key point, this time external, the new 48 MP main sensor is simply at the top according to WCCFTech : “ When it comes to the camera, it’s unthinkable that you can do better than this, at least for now. It is also a success for CNETfor who ” the result is a brighter 12-megapixel photo with less image noise and better detail “. Having been reluctant for a long time to engage in a race, often useless, for the highest number of megapixels on the main sensor of its camera, Apple therefore seems to have made a profitable choice, in particular for photos taken in average and low light.

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