Shadow Power: pre-orders open soon, but not for everyone

Instead of Shadow deals Ultraand Infinitethe company will offer Power. First announced in May 2022 during the Shadow Spotlight, this new offer promises an improved gaming experience thanks to a more robust PC configuration.

A limited quantity launch

As a reminder, Power is not an offer in its own right. This is an option that a subscriber can activate on his account
Shadow in order to access a more powerful PC in the Cloud.

It allows you to take advantage of an AMD EPY 7543P CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads supported by 16 GB of RAM. On the GPU side, latest generation graphics cards such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 class or AMD GPUs based onRDNA2 architecturelike the AMD Radeon Pro V620.

Shadow announces the availability of its option Power for next October 26 at the price of €14.99 per month – to be paid in addition to the €29.99 per month of the Shadow subscription, therefore. Pre-orders will be open from September 20. However, priority will be given to customers who have completed the dedicated form. The company will send them an email relating to the pre-order from this date.

Favorable treatment will also be granted to users who have pre-ordered the offers. Ultra and Infinite. Shadow offers them to try the option Power in preview by giving them early access (early October) with a discounted price of €9.99 instead of €14.99 per month.

For the rest of the users, it will therefore be necessary to wait until October 26 to be able to test the power of this new option. Deployment will be in regular waves. Shadow does not provide a waiting list. At its output, Power will be displayed as “available” or “unavailable” depending on the country from which it is used.

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