Senegal and Africa on the big screen

The 15th edition of the Salé International Women’s Film Festival will take place from September 26 to October 1. This edition will be marked by the celebration of African cinema through the programming of “a Special Africa”, with Senegal as guest of honor.

The choice of Senegal as guest of honor for this edition comes in the wake of the celebration of “Rabat Capital of African Culture”.

It should be remembered that Senegal is considered one of the precursors of cinema on the scale of the African continent. Four feature films, between fiction and documentary, by directors who have addressed, through their works, the female question and its impact on Senegalese society, will be screened on this occasion. These are “Atlantic” by Mati Diop, 2019 (Opening film), “Congo, a doctor to save women” by Angèle Diabang (2014), “We have time for us” by Katy Léna Ndiaye (2019), as well as “Des étoiles” by Dyana Gaye (2013). A tribute will be paid to Senegalese cinema for all that it shares with Moroccan cinema, and to celebrate “Rabat capital of African cinema”, it is also announced.

The Festival organizes, finally, “a Special Africa” ​​to pay tribute to the female images and sounds of Africa through a panorama of sub-Saharan cinema which includes 8 films, representing 8 countries, made by women.

Opening this panorama, the films of “Annatto” by Fatima Ali Boubakdy (Morocco, 2021), “In the footsteps of a migrant” by Delphine Yerbanga (Burkina Faso, 2021), “Zinder” by Aicha Macky ( Niger, France, Germany, 2021), as well as “The African who wanted to fly” by Samantha Biffot, (Gabon, 2015). There are also “Chambre N°1” by Leila Thiam (Central African Republic, 2017), “Chez jolie coiffure” by Rosine Mbakam (Cameroon, 2018), “Sema” by Machérie Ekwa (Democratic Republic of Congo, 2019), and “A woman, a destiny” by Hanifa Ali Oumar (Chad, 2020).


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