Samy Naceri, leaving for a Taxi 6: “Provided it’s with the original team” (VIDEO)

“I like Belgium”assures Samy Naceri, present this Friday evening at the festive and open-air terrace ofAmay’n You, near Huy, to take part in the screening of Taxi 4 (prelude to Amay’n Toi festivalorganized by Stéphane Debuyck, from September 13 to 18 with Gim’s, Lââm and Fatal Bazooka). “I have shot a lot of films with Belgians recently.”

The star of the Taxi saga admits that it sometimes happens that he is still called “Daniel”, a role he plays in the famous Marseille taxi.

“Some people even call me Samir when it’s Samy and that annoys me a bit. But whether it’s Daniel or Taxi, it’s funny and never mean.”

The one who got into the habit of making autographs on replicas of the famous taxi from the film made by fans, is not against making a 6th part (he was not in the casting for the 5th). “If there is a 6th and I end up with the core -Frédéric Diefenthal, Bernard Farcy and Marion Cotillard- then yes. We have all aged and we write with Luc Besson. A story like him knows how to do. If he is the one who writes and produces and he hands over the whole team then with pleasure yes!

The Taxi 4 Belgian gang represented by Mourade Zeguendi

“We did Dikkenek at the time,

tells the

actor Mourade Zeguendi

(The Barons, etc.).

A huge success that has become cult and… produced by Luc Besson. In 2006, we therefore leave Dikkenek and we are called two weeks later to tell us:

‘in a month, if you’re free, we’ll shoot Taxi 4 with you because Besson loves the trio François Damiens, Jean-Luc Couchard and Mourade Zeguendi. There you go, you’re going to make the gang of Belgians’.

Results ? “Obviously, we Samy Naceri, Taxi, you don’t have to tell us twice. With Samy, at the time, we only met once or twice in hotels because we didn’t have scenes together. It was a big machine too. But we really met on the set of Anouar Moatassim’s film in Morocco, Atoman. And that’s where we rehash the memories of Taxi.”

Samy Naceri, 61 years old today, to go one better. “We were the whole team together, in the middle of Covid, so it was good to give everyone strength. The King had closed at 9 p.m. then 11 p.m. during confinement, but we had 24-hour authorizations out of 24. So we were all together and we followed the filming caravan in all the cities of Morocco.”

And Mourade Zeguendi to be on the same wavelength. “A crazy road trip. We were confined together in the end. The hotels were closed, there were roadblocks every 5 minutes… but they did well to do that because they didn’t have too many cases in Morocco in the end. “

And the Dikkenek actor to conclude on the Taxi 4 phenomenon for him. “I had the same hairstyle as in Dikkenek suddenly, people sometimes mix up the lines because it was Dikkenek who integrated himself into the world of Taxi. Another good idea for Besson. I’m also proud of it because I played in the last real Taxi with Samy Naceri and not the new thing there… Which makes the thing even more cult!”

Full interview with Samy Naceri to read in your DH this Monday.

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