Samsung launches the Odyssey Ark, a highly curved 55-inch gaming monitor

The Odyssey Ark is Samsung’s giant curved screen. A 55 inch 4K to use a few centimeters from the eyes.

We were able to try Samsung’s Odyssey Ark at IFA 2022 in Berlin. Half TV, half monitor, it straddles the two sectors. Even Samsung doesn’t fully define it.

Samsung Odyssey Ark ©Tom’s Guide

The Odyssey Ark bets on immersion

This monitor has a curvature of 1000R. This corresponds to human peripheral vision. Therefore, its 55 inches diagonal are swallowed just a few centimeters from the screen. We never thought we could stand so close to a screen. And yet, we tried a little session of Fortnite on it without batting an eyelid. Once past the accommodation episode, we are literally immersed in the game. We are approaching a bit of the experience of a virtual reality headset as far as immersion is concerned.

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Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor
Samsung Odyssey Ark ©Tom’s Guide

Samsung uses a VA panel here to lower the response time as much as possible, which reaches 1 ms. Gaming, the Ark is 165 Hz. It displays a 4K definition. Beyond its 40 kg, it is also necessary to count on its additional box on which stand 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, in particular. Hidden on the Samsung stand, we could not appreciate its size, but it is imposing, the manufacturer tells us.

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Portrait, landscape, 1, 3, 4 screens, it’s up to you

The screen itself can be rotated into portrait mode. We are then left with 55 inches directed towards the ceiling. It’s surprising, but the interest is there. Indeed, the Ark’s panel can be subdivided into three 32-inch spaces in portrait mode and four 27-inch spaces in landscape mode. What to display on these areas? Well that’s where the TV part of the monitor comes in.

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor
Samsung Odyssey Ark ©Tom’s Guide

The Odyssey Ark is more than a monitor as mentioned above. It is autonomous with an integrated internet connection. You can easily access Smart Hub and therefore Disney +, Prime Video, Netflix and others. An Internet browser is also included, as is Samsung’s Gaming Hub. The latter is an open window on current cloud gaming services with Stadia, GeForce Now, xCloud.

Multiple sources on one screen

Via the Ark Ring, controller coming with the Odyssey Ark, we control the interface to display this or that service. On our demos, we were able to have a YouTube video at the top, a game in the middle and an Internet browser at the bottom. The experience is exhilarating. The combinations are almost limitless. It is impossible to simultaneously display two sources connected via HDMI. PC or console, you have to choose.

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor
Samsung Odyssey Ark ©Tom’s Guide

With such features, the audio has to keep up. For total consistency, Samsung has installed speakers in the 4 corners of the slab. Thus, the stereo is respected whatever the position of the screen. A subwoofer located behind the slab supports the whole. Total power: 60 watts RMS.

The Odyssey Ark will be available from September 7, 2022. Its price is €2999.

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