Samsung buys Apple from Apple

In a good-natured spirit, Samsung was quick to react to the various keynote announcements.

In a series of small video capsules published on Twitter via his account Samsung Mobile USAthe Korean firm makes fun of the tiny innovations made by the Cupertino company on its latest iPhones.

At the level of the different taunts, we find:

1. A mockery of the new 48MP photo sensors. Samsung reminds Apple that their sensors have been at 108 Mpx for more than 2 years.


2. A mockery of the foldable screen. Samsung also allows itself to tickle the Cupertino company over its lack of innovation in foldable screens. Two video capsules (one for the Z Flip and one for the Fold) highlight the technological innovation present on Korean smartphones for several years.


This is not the first time that Samsung has paid for Apple by offering marketing communication that compares to the latest models of the Apple brand. This demonstrates the power of Apple across the world.

Do you think this is misplaced jealousy or a little game of good war?

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