Russell Westbrook wildly trolled after his buzz video!

Balanced in multiple rumors of trades for weeks, Russell Westbrook does not seem too disturbed by the noises of corridors. Currently on vacation, the leader shared a video in full relaxation, proof that he is not too worried because he is expecting him soon.

Will leave? Won’t leave? For now, Russell Westbrook still waiting to know more about his future. Nobody knows if the Lakers will find him a way out, but Rob Pelinka does not hesitate to haggle him, whether with the Pacers or the Jazz. To date, a trade has not been found, but everything is possible before the resumption of Purple and Gold, set for September 27 with the training camp.

Russell Westbrook traded? The quiet leader!

This date can be considered as a deadline for Pelinka. If he wants to get rid of Brodie, it is before this deadline, or he will have to prepare for a new season with Westbrook. How does the interested party see it? Obviously, quite well. The former Thunder player is currently on vacation, and not bothered by rumors about him.

His possible departure from the Lakers? Westbrook is absolutely not upset. The leader continues to relax and rightly so, since he is not a decision maker in this soap opera. Whether he plays for the Angelinos or elsewhere, we imagine Russ will give his all, he who has never been bothered by criticism. So much the better, because the mockery is out in the comments:

He is celebrating his last year in the league

The guy is already in Utah

Regardless of the rumours, Russell Westbrook remains very relaxed while on vacation. He still has a few weeks before a return to the Lakers, or to another franchise. Let’s hope he manages to revive himself, or his future will be threatened.

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