‘Rings of Power’ premiere episode sets ratings record

With 25 million viewers for the broadcast of its first episode, the new Prime Video series has made a successful debut.

Prime Video’s new flagship series around the work of JRR Tolkien could in no way afford to miss his entrance. A colossal pressure, induced by the huge budget agreed by the broadcaster. The most expensive series ever created, with paid rights estimated at 250 million dollars, but above all an overall production envelope for the five planned seasons which should exceed one billion dollars. And the least we can say is that the figures for this first episode broadcast since last Friday September 2 did not disappoint, beating all previous records of the genre. The evocative power of the sagas of Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit undoubtedly had a considerable leverage effect.

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Numbers at the height of the myth

With 25 million viewers, Galadriel and her friends of the Second Age were able to bring together more than twice the great competing series of HBO – period never before brought to the screen in Tolkien’s vast universe. In effect, House of the Dragon, had “only” gathered 10 million spectators when it was launched on August 21. Of course, the system of streaming platforms sees these audiences increase over time, with “latecomers” viewers. HBO communicated a few days ago on this subjectannouncing that these late viewers would have allowed the first episode of the prequel to Game Of Thrones to exceed 25 million views. We will therefore carefully monitor the evolution of the figures, and of this remote communication duel between the two titans of the moment.


An unusual communication

In addition to the pleasure of beating its long-time avowed competitor, Prime Video has also decided for the first time to communicate its own figures, a great first for the broadcaster. Usually, his biggest productions see their number of views audited by a third party, the pollster Nielsen. This press release is further proof of the level of satisfaction achieved, but also of the importance of the new record now established. As a reminder, one of the previous records of the genre was still held by the first episode of season 8 of Game Of Thrones recently, with 18 million spectators. This series war around heroic fantasy promises to be total.

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