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What is Apple Fitness+?

In short, Apple Fitness+ is a service of sports lessons video and in podcast which relies on the various Apple devices to broadcast its content and collect performance statistics. For example, Apple Fitness+ lets you stream a tutorial to your Apple TV while riding an exercise bike with an iOS companion app and wearing an Apple Watch that measures the rate of your heartbeat.

Apple Fitness+ is a service paying which works in conjunction with the Fitness app, available on iPhone and Apple Watch. Classes are also accessible with the Exercise app on the connected watch. For Fitness+, Apple will offer you handpicked teachers whose reputation on the sports circuit is second to none: Christian Howard, Jhon Gonzalez, JoAnna Hardy… You can sort the catalog according to several filters such as coaches, background music and workout time.

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What sports can I practice with Apple Fitness+?

The activities supported by Apple Fitness+ have increased in number since the launch of the service in France at the end of 2021. These include:

  • the running on carpet, which also relies on the pedometer of the Apple Watch
  • the dance
  • the yoga
  • the meditation guided
  • the walking walk
  • muscle building with dumbbells
  • the recovery in full awareness
  • the sheathing
  • the Pilates
  • them stretching back and hips
  • the split (HIIT)
  • the rower
  • the cycling

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Beyond simple courses, Apple Fitness+ also offers episodes of its original series Run. In the form of a podcast, it borrows iconic race courses in big cities like Miami, London or New York punctuated with advice from renowned coaches. Among them, we can notably mention Emily Fayette, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez, Scott Carvin or even Cory Wharton-Malcolm.

During each episode of Run, you will also enjoy playlists whose titles are taken from the Apple Music catalog and a selection of photographs of the places visited.

collections and Apple Fitness+ programs

Apple Fitness+ classes are categorized in several ways, including as collections depending on different themes. For example, Apple offers a series of tips for cladding sessions over a month, courses to learn how to relax before falling asleep or even a guide to mastering key yoga postures.


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On Apple Fitness+, there are also the Programs declined according to your personal needs at the time : preparing for childbirth and the weeks that follow, going skiing or starting out as a senior. Because yes, it is recommended to exercise daily and at any age!

Walk and Featured artists

Walk is an audio exercise similar to Run but this time guided by personalities brands such as Prince William, Gabrielle Union or even Jane Fonda and Camila Cabello. As with other types of exercise, all the statistics collected by the user’s Apple Watch can then be viewed with dedicated graphs within the Fitness app. Note that if it is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Watch, it is unfortunately not found on Macs. The publisher hasn’t indicated if a desktop client is in development, but an easy alternative is actually to stream content from your iPhone or iPad to the Mac via AirPlay (with a Wi-Fi connection) .

With this, Apple Fitness+ also offers the playlists Featured artists also including popular titleslike guests such as Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams or the group Imagine Dragons.


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The costs

Apple Fitness+ is accessible free for one month for all Apple Watch owners, compared to three months if you buy a watch and activate it now. Otherwise, you have to pay 9.99 euros per month to take advantage of it, but the annual offer at 79.99 euros per month is more advantageous, because it saves nearly forty euros over the period. And either way, Apple Fitness+ content can be shared with up to six family members without having to pay for any additional users.

If you already use another paid Apple service like Apple Arcade, iCloud+ Apple TV+ or Apple Music, be aware that it may be better for you to opt for a bundle AppleOne. Here, however, only the Premium package is compatible with Apple Fitness+. Its price is 28.95 euros per month (i.e. 16 euros in savings), with 2 TB of iCloud+ online storage.

There is another requirement for using Apple Fitness+ on your devices; that of country. The service is currently not available in all regions, but France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada or Switzerland are eligible. Be aware, however, that if you take lessons in the language of Molière, you will often have to agree to read subtitles. Indeed, Apple Fitness+ is originally based on advice in English because the filming studios are located in California, near the Apple headquarters.

Compatible equipment

Apple Fitness+ is not compatible with the first three Apple Watches. But all models released from Apple Watch Series 3 and watchOS 7.2 are, provided they are paired with a iPhone 6s (or later) running iOS 14.3 or higher. If you want to play the videos on your tablet, you will need to have iPadOS 14.3 or later installed. As for streaming on Apple TV, it requires tvOS 14.3 at least. Depending on the courses taken, you may also need additional materials. For cycling, Apple advises, for example, to choose an iPhone support, where the firm also recommends the intelligent treadmills of the TechnoGym brand.

Apple specifies that the confidential information collected by Fitness+ and relating to your personal fitness are not linked to your personal Apple account and are therefore more secure. However, you are free to share your results with your doctor, as more and more professionals agree to consult this type of data. - Official App – Official App

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