replacing the battery will now cost more

We can see on the Apple site that replacing the battery of the different iPhone 14 models costs much more than the same operation on previous versions.

Bad news for iPhone 14 owners, Apple did not just increase the price of its phones in Europe. Indeed, the Apple brand is revising the price of replacing its batteries upwards. And not just a little.

Replacing your iPhone 14 battery will cost you more

The release of the iPhone 14s has blown hot and cold depending on which country you live in. In the United States and China, Apple has decided not to increase the price of its new phones compared to previous models. However, this is not the case in many European countries, including France. In France, there are price increases ranging from 110 to 290 euros depending on models and storage capacities.

But Apple does not intend to stop there. As can be seen on the official website of the brand, the price of replacing the batteries of the iPhone 14 is on the rise. Where it takes 75 euros to replace the battery of an iPhone 13 (regardless of the model), it will now cost you 119 euros, an increase of 58% in France.

In the United States, this price goes from 69 dollars to 99 dollars, an increase of 43%. This increase concerns all new iPhone models: 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

In what situations will Apple apply these charges?

Since the iPhone 14s are new products, there is little chance that you will have battery problems at the beginning of the product life cycle. However, Apple specifies that the “Warranty does not cover batteries worn out by normal use”.

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Service charges will be applied in its Apple Stores if you send your iPhone directly to Apple. The brand specifies that other service centers may apply their own prices. The battery will be replaced “free” only if you have subscribed to a contract AppleCare+ (paid) or if you are covered by consumer law.

This increase in the price for the replacement of batteries has not been the subject of any explanation from Apple. As for the price increase of the iPhone 14 compared to the iPhone 13there is a good chance that this can be explained by the increase in logistics costs, to which is added the depreciation of the euro against the dollar.

At the same time, we note that the cost of replacing the batteries of the iPhone 13 has not increased, while iPhone 14 battery capacities are almost identical to those of the previous models.

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