Relic of the Past: Heroes of Hyrule is another Zelda spin-off offered by Retro Studios

Did You Know Gaming? got some info on another Zelda spin-off that Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios has pitched to Nintendo, known as Heroes of Hyrule.
The game’s story involved three heroes who lived 100 years in the past: a Goron, a Rito, and a Zora. The trio set off on a mission to save Link. The latter was captured while trying to save Princess Zelda from Ganon. This is where the three heroes come in. After 100 years, Link becomes an old man who owns an antique shop.

This isn’t the only Zelda-related spin-off Retro Studios has come up with. The company also at one point worked on a prototype involving the Last Male Sheikah as well as Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Shortly after a series of illustrations surfaced online, a former Retro Studios employee confirmed that the company worked on the project for a short time.

Did You Know Gaming? took a closer look at the project in a new video released today. The ending also includes the Heroes of Hyrule reveal, and we’ll apparently hear more about that pitch soon.

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