Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Brutal Swarm Has Begun

After two weeks on the test serversthe operation Brutal Swarm is now officially launched on Rainbow Six Siege. As a reminderthe main addition of the latter is of course Grim, the new operator specialized in beekeeping. The new recruit therefore uses a “Kawan hive launcher”, releasing robotic bees which will be used to track down his enemies.

A new recoil system also sees the light of day with this operation. The latter has been drastically increased, and long bursts should be particularly difficult to master. Machine guns and weapons with a large ammo capacity are particularly affected by this change, and now feature a fourth stage of recoil. To compensate, the guns can now be enhanced with more accessories.

We can also note that an EMP impact grenade has appeared in game, that the Stadium 2021 map becomes permanent, that the price of certain agents has dropped, that new measures against toxic players have been put in place, and that it is now possible to report cheaters from the match replay. Other changes to Rainbow Six Siege by the operation Brutal Swarm are detailed by the.

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