PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Reworks Its Animations And Latest Map

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS just passed in version 19.2. This update will allow players to enjoy new animations, used for weapon handling and character movements. Deston, the latest map added to BR this summer, has also undergone some changes. So you should have more places to take cover around the map, and discover some additional structures like gas pumps and radio towers. Deston will also receive a dynamic weather system. For example, some games may start under the sun, and end with weather worthy of a summer day in Brest.

It can also be noted only after the police car, a food truck arrives on the BR. So you can now crisscross Deston in a van, distributing prunes and not ice cream. Always for the amateurs of big displacements, know that PUBG started a collaboration with the manufacturer McLaren. You can therefore use a McLaren GT skin on your Coupe RB, and customize it. Tuning is all that was missing PUBG. Finally, the last interesting addition: a heavy stock is coming into play. The latter facilitates recoil control, but reduces the speed ofads. The details of the other changes brought by this update to 19.2 of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is available here.

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