psychological disorders, delusions… the doctors are worried

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The news is not very good for the singer. Linda deSuzawho had enjoyed success in France with the release of his first single Portuguese, in 1978, is currently in a very worrying state. The 74-year-old artist, originally from Beringel, would have left the world without news for very long months before she was discovered, taken care of, in a medical establishment.

According to information from the magazine France Sunday, Linda de Suza would actually”hospitalized for several weeks“, since she would suffer from psychological disorders.”Left in her world, she would evoke a fight between the forces of good and evil the doctors would worry because she would have stopped eatingcan we read in the publication. His chances of remission would dwindle.

This state of paranoia evoked in the pages of France Sunday doesn’t exactly come out of nowhere. In 2010, Lisa de Suza had filed a complaint for identity theft when she discovered that, since 1979, seven bank accounts had been opened in her name behind her back. The guilty ? The man who shared her life. “He has done everything to ensure that I do not have to worry about money matters since my arrival at Carrère [sa maison de disques de 1978 à 1986, NDLR.]. I’m ruinedshe regretted. I earn 400 euros per month…

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