Princess Diana’s former lover breaks the silence

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25 years after her death, revelations about Diana are multiplying.

This August 30, a new documentary on Lady Di was broadcast on the German TV channel RTL. In the latter, James Hewitt, a former lover of the princess, returned to his relationship with the ex-wife of prince Charles. He revealed how he had met her at a cocktail party and the seduction that had developed between them during William and Harry’s riding lessons.

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The man claimed he was unaware of Charles and Diana’s relationship issues and went on to explain that “thehe liaisons of the two spouses were accepted in higher places”. “Nothing was secret, not even our telephone conversations”, he explained, then revealing an anecdote on the subject. ” Diana once used my landline to call the Queen at Balmoral. It was dangerous, stupid and naive”.

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He concluded by revealing that he still loved the princess and that she will always hold a special place in his heart. He also wanted to send a message to princes William and Harry. ” I sincerely hope they understood that I tried to make the princess happy during our 5 year affair. It meant a lot to me.”

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