Pollution off Gibraltar after ship collision

Gibraltar maritime services have started pumping heavy fuel oil leaking from a bulk carrier which collided with an LNG carrier earlier this week, authorities in the British enclave reported on Thursday (September 1st). The hydrocarbon slick extended a few hundred meters from the coast.

The ship “OS 35” has been stranded near Gibraltar, since the collision which occurred on Monday evening with the LNG carrier “Adam LNG”. Her crew of 24 was evacuated. According to authorities in the British enclave in southern Spain, its hull broke up on Wednesday evening, but the bulk carrier has not separated into two parts at this stage.

Fuel leak

“Gibraltar Port Authority” however “confirmed a leak of heavy fuel oil, a small amount of which escaped from the perimeter of the floating boom” installed to contain the leaks, the government said. According to him, the leak on the “OS 35” occurred at the level of conduits which had initially been sealed, but whose joints became loose.

The leak “is completely under control” and the fuel spilled inside the dam began to be pumped in the afternoon, said the port authority. A man has also been arrested for his possible involvement in this “serious accident in the British territorial waters of Gibraltar”, announced the police, without specifying the identity of this individual or the role he may have played in the accident.

The collision occurred while the bulk carrier was maneuvering to leave the Bay of Gibraltar, while the “Adam LNG” was connecting the ports of Marsaxlokk and Algeciras. Since the accident, traffic has been suspended in the port of British territory, with some exceptions.


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