Plaion and Toylogic announce Warlander, free-to-play medieval fantasy that will oppose armies of players – News

It will therefore be possible to embody a warrior, a cleric or a mage, each with their own abilities in battles which will oppose either two teams (40 players maximum) or five teams (up to 100 players). The objective: to penetrate the opposing dungeon and break its core. The customization of his character seems to be particularly highlighted by Toylogic, which promises that each class will have its own equipment – of varying rarity – talents and skills, and that the appearance, the emotes and victory dances will also be affected.

The game will allow you to create decks of different characters, which it will then be possible to deploy on the battlefield, for some – the most powerful – at specific times in the game (after defeating a certain number of enemies, achieving objectives or building different devices). The individual progression of the characters, which will work according to the same methods, will be based on obtaining Titles, which will make them more efficient, giving them access to more powers and customizations. The studio is already promising that the pay-to-win is excluded from its model.

Warlander will launch on September 12 in beta on PC via Steam, the latest generation home console versions should follow.

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