Perez received with honors

Florentino Perez has invested sparingly this summer to strengthen Carlo Ancelotti’s team. Real Madrid shows again balanced finances, this beginning of the season.

Javier Tebas, the president of the LFP, repeats it often: the regulations related to the accounts of Spanish clubs are strict. Many presidents struggle to respect them. And this is for example the case of Atlético Madrid and Barça, which must reduce the amount of the wage bill. Florentino Perez doesn’t have these problems. The Madrilenian presents every year an irreproachable management of the budget of Real.

Only one big expense, this transfer window

In Madrid, the transfer window ended just after it started. Merengue leaders have made a single big investment, to bring Aurelien Tchouameni from Monaco. His signature involved the payment of 80 million euros. Slightly more than the transfer of Casemiro (Manchester United, 70 million euros), at the end of the market. And the people of Madrid also let Borja Majoral (Getafe, 10 million euros), Takefusa Kubo (Real Sociedad, 6.5 million euros), Miguel Gutierrez (Girona, 4 million euros) and Victor Chust (Cadiz) go. , €1 million). The summer balance is therefore positive at 12 million euros.

A financial balance sheet which is not to displease Javier Tebas, whose supervisory body has granted Real Madrid the highest wage bill ceiling. This season, the people of Madrid can afford spending 683 million euros to remunerate their players, far more than their real budget. Last season, the payroll did not exceed 420 million euros, according to ace.

President Florentino Perez’s only quack is certainly related to the Super League. The financial commitments of the White House could involve the payment of indemnities to the partners of the operation. And UEFA should also sanction the merengue formation with a big fine.

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