Our good marks on the track this Thursday, September 15

ParisLongchamp (R1)

1 – Price of Place Jeanne d’Arc

108 – Oheka, F, 3 years old

20.08.2022 – Deauville (2nd)

Set back in the group from the outside, approached four hundred meters from the goal, then took the advantage and deluded, but could not oppose Faster at the end.

111 – Dieppe, F, 3 years

13.08.2022 – Clairefontaine (2nd)

Hesitant at the start, waited in last position, then progressed in the middle of the track and made a good final effort.

112 – El Bnoud, F, 3 years old

13.08.2022 – Clairefontaine (2nd)

At the back in the turn, progressed in the middle of the track, in the middle of the straight line, then produced a good effort and approached Baileys Memory, but could not go up her.

5 – Price of Ponds

501 – London Royal, M, 4 years

01.08.2022 – Dieppe (2nd)

Always seen at the back, fought his way mid-straight, then kept gaining ranks until the end, finishing clean and a good second.

6 – Table Price

601 – Hooking, M, 6 years old

07.08.2022 – Deauville (6th)

In the wake of the leader of the peloton wedged against the railing of the stands (the bad one), accelerated very well in the final phase, winning the race of his peloton.

608 – Free Electron, M, 7 years old

21.08.2022 – Deauville (4th)

On a tight third line in the final turn (no train), accelerated mid-straight and closed in on the top three but did not feel comfortable at the end.

609 – Highbari, M, 5 years

09.08.2022 – Deauville (5th)

Down mid-term, progressed to center, while undermining Harper, then made a good effort and would have fought for a better spot had he not been upset at the end.

7 – Craon Prize

708 – Angevine icon, F, 4 years old

29.05.2022 – Vichy (1st)

After trailing the frontrunners, was staggered mid-stretch and quickly took a decisive advantage over Indian de Gascogne and Ioda, winning with ease.

Marseille-Borély (R2)

3 – The Marseille Cup

306 – Enola, F, 3 years old

21.07.2022 – Vichy (6th)

Waiting, then forced to shift two hundred meters from the goal as she progressed, gave a nice final thrust, joining Frivole, on the wire.

Mauquenchy (R4)

2 – “Le Vincennes” Prize from Neuville-lès-Dieppe

215 – White Iceberg, M, 4 years old

10.09.2022 – Paris-Vincennes (4th)

Quickly in fourth position, remained in contact with the first three until the end, thus behaving very well at such a level.

5 – “Le Mag’Presse” award from Bois-Guillaume

506 – Jaguar Bourbon, M, 3 years

28.07.2022 – Montignac (1st)

Quickly in the lead, controlled the race to win with a margin.

7 – Prize “Aux Garennes” of Garennes-sur-Eure

707 – Feline de Janville, F, 7 years old

16.08.2022 – Enghien (5th)

At the back of the small peloton halfway through, on the rope side, she was never able to fully express herself in the straight line, otherwise she would have been competitive for the first runner-up…

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