Opening in Sharm el-Sheikh of a conference on the fight against human trafficking with the participation of Morocco

Morocco is participating in this three-day conclave with a delegation made up of executives and officials from the Ministry of the Interior, the Public Ministry, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), the Royal Gendarmerie and the national intelligence body.

This conference, organized in partnership with the Egyptian Unit for the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, with the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, will see the participation of 70 representatives of law enforcement, financial intelligence, public prosecutors, justice departments and financial institutions from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco, as well as experts and lecturers from various specialized regional and international organizations.

The event is part of the project funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands: “Capacity building of members of financial intelligence units, law enforcement agencies and public prosecutors in the field of financial analysis and the investigation of cases of migrant smuggling and human trafficking, as well as the fight against money laundering resulting from these crimes”.

The various sessions of the conference will highlight the importance of financial investigations as a key element in the fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling, the value of joint efforts made by different parties in the financial investigation , as they will provide insight into the movement of funds and the new technologies used in transfers.

The discussions between the various stakeholders will result in a set of recommendations that can support the actions that the participating countries should take in the future.

Speaking on the occasion, the regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the Middle East and North Africa, Christina Albertin, said that the crimes of human trafficking and migrant smuggling generate billions in illegal profits every year.

“Therefore, the main objective of this regional conference is to mobilize specialists from different fields, including financial intelligence units, the judiciary, the prosecution service, law enforcement agencies and relevant national committees. , as well as banks and financial institutions, in order to strengthen cooperation and the exchange of information to effectively combat these crimes.”

For his part, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Cairo, Han-Maurits Schaapveld, pointed out that this project which was launched in 2019 aims to train a large number of officials in different disciplines, reflecting the concerted efforts and the commitment of the participating countries to combat trafficking in human beings and the smuggling of migrants.

He added that the activities organized within the framework of this conference “will certainly strengthen the technical capacities of those responsible for the fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling, as they will contribute to sensitizing communities to face these crimes as well as than money laundering”.

The speakers will focus on the efforts made in the field of the fight against crimes related to illegal immigration and human trafficking, the monitoring and prevention of laundering and the reinvestment of the financial products generated, as well as on the role financial institutions and non-governmental organizations in detecting suspicious financial transactions related to these crimes.

This event also aims to shed light on the latest developments in the field of the fight against organized crime and to support coordination between the authorities concerned in the analysis and financial investigations related to crimes of trafficking in human beings and migrant smuggling.


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